Can a company really offer a personalized wellness program for each employee?

Progressive Wellness offers concierge Health and Wellness programs for your employees. Our goal is to improve an employee’s quality of life and reduce their risk of developing chronic diseases through unique and personalized programs. This helps a company reduce healthcare costs over time.


Did you know that most employees do not take advantage of their company sponsored wellness programs?

Wellness Programs without a personal coach have less participation on average.

Simple For Your Employees

Progressive Wellness gives your employees access to a personal health advisor/coach that will provide them with a unique and personalized health plan based off of the results obtained during our initial health assessment.

Health Assessments

Health Assessments

The assessment can be completed online through the Progressive Wellness portal, or through an on-site visit to assist employees through this first step.

Health Plan

Health Plan

The health plan includes nutrition/diet recommendation, resistance training, and cardiovascular training, based on the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines.


One-to-One Personal
Health Coaching

We employ certified coaches, physicians and dieticians that members have access to via email, portal, or phone.