Why Progressive Wellness

Despite the ability of an effective wellness program to reduce healthcare expenses, it has been shown that only 18% of those employees enrolled actually use the wellness program effectively. This is due to lack of individual programs. Just like our logo, a person’s fingerprint is unique to that individual. Similarly, each individual’s health and lifestyle are unique. Current wellness programs lack the individuality required to positively impact all members, both in the short and long term.

An effective and sustainable wellness program cannot be one size fits all. Each person is an individual with individual needs to overcome obstacles to health and wellness. Other wellness programs do not take an active role in each person’s goals. Progressive Wellness (PW) develops unique programs for our members.

Creating Habits for Wellness

The coach will hold weekly meetings via online conferencing, that will be focused on providing the necessary information to the employee. These meetings are the behavioral change and habit instilling the characteristics of the wellness and preventative program. The coach is dedicated to both the employee and management and responsibly ensures that the employee completes the four-month program.

Incentive Program

Our incentive program reduces risk factors associated with our member’s overall health characteristics and engages members in behavior change. To drive member engagement, we recommend an incentive structure that allows members to track their progress and earn health points.

The incentive program is based on a simple point structure. The member will gain health points based on the completion of health related tasks such as, Member Health Assessment, Biometric Screening, Engagement in Program Activities, Progressive Disease Prevention, and Health Coaching. This incentive structure will be based off of the selected programs and designed in coordination with the organization.

  • healingBiometric Screening

    Biometric Screenings with Lab Work provide vital information about overall health, including cholesterol (total, LDL and HDL), triglycerides, cardiac risk, glucose, blood pressure, resting heart rate, height, weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), waist measurement, hip measurement and body composition.

  • assessmentMember Health Assessment

    The Member Health Assessment (MHA) is a short survey that asks questions about specific lifestyle habits and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Members will complete this upon initial login.

  • track_changesTargeted Programs

    Targeted Programs focus on member lifestyles to help them make changes and reach their health goals through a series of videos. Each program consists of four consecutive weekly online sessions that take 20 – 30 minutes each to complete. Assignments are given each session to move on to the next weekly course. Members must attend all weekly sessions and they may only participate in one Health-e Steps Targeted Program at a time.

  • supervisor_accountHealth Coaching

    Unlimited inbound access to the member’s assigned Progressive Wellness health professional through the member portal. Assigned health professionals will create a comprehensive health plan for the member based on the Member Health Assessment and Biometric Screening information. Health Professionals, including registered dieticians, clinicians and exercise specialists, provide another supportive touch point to help foster healthy behaviors in our members. Additionally, assigned health professional will reach out to inactive members resulting in unmatched engagement rates.

  • fitness_centerOrganization & Peer Challenges

    Challenges are designed to run over a four to twelve-week period. These challenges will focus on a specific health related goal or behavior. The challenges will be specific to the client and designed with the help of PW. Challenges run from four to twelve weeks in length and focus on practicing specific health behaviors or lifestyle changes and encouraging members to meet a challenge goal.

  • video_libraryWebinars

    Webinars are available monthly and include various topics based on the monthly health topics that are relevant to everyone. Each webinar consists of a short informational video, followed by a brief quiz. The member must watch both the video and answer all questions to receive credit.

  • eventHealth Events

    PW offers onsite staffing for organization sponsored events. These events consist of, but are not limited to the following: Health Fair, Lunch and Learn, Nutrition and Exercise Demonstrations and Motivational Speakers.

  • bluetoothTechnology Integration

    Connects with over 200 Bluetooth enabled devices. Member dashboard automatically updates with the data collected from device.